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Three stories and several shorts... 20 pages in full color, by Sean Chiki, K.A. Polzin and Andy Peters. Order it from our Etsy shop... HERE...

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“How do I buy back issues of Wunderkammer?”

Copies of the first four issues of Wunderkammer are still available in print, as well as the Cryptobibliography one-shot comic.
There are several ways you may obtain them...
1. Visit my Etsy store-
2. If you have a Paypal account, why not buy them directly from me and cut out the middleman? Email me at with your requested items and the email address you use with Paypal. I’ll invoice you and as soon as you pay, I’ll ship them out.
3. Or, I accept personal checks and cash. Email me your request and I’ll reply with a total amount and a current address where you may send payment. While I don’t endorse going against postal regulations, if you do send cash, make sure to wrap it up in a piece of paper!

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